What is an Emotional block

Definition by Dee...what is an Emotional block: 


“An inner false belief says that because I felt it, it makes it right”


This belief effects our judgment, attitude (positive or negative), and eventually creates illness


How it occurs:

Each individual creates an emotional block determined how they perceive their world, although most emotional blocks are caused by traumatic situation some blocks are a simple loving statement perceived to be negative.   As the energy of the emotional block grows, so does the fear, resentment, judgement and our person power is depleted. In other words….you becomes stuck.  For example:  Your mother/friend innocently and lovely tells you that you’re eating too quickly.   Emotionally you hear….”there is something wrong with the way I eat” (this is a false statement that you believe to be true).  Every individual will absorb this information differently.  Some people will dismiss the statement, some will accept the statement as good advice and some will absorb the statement as a truth.       


False Belief = emotional block = physical illness.


How it makes us feel:

If we are not living your truth….we are not living our authentic life, making it hard to create joy, love and happiness.  How we perceive our world is how we emotionally view our world.  Resistance to change:  It is usually not the change itself, which causes us pain, although we may have feelings about it, but it is our resistance to change.  When our fears and anxieties are triggered, and they have becomes our normal responses, this becomes our normal reality.  Causing us to frequently stay in poor stations longer then needed because it feels normal to us.   A huge part of healing is recognizing change is needed and we deserve better.  Guidelines for creating change:Identify what feelings and behaviors you need to change.  Figure out the triggersGive yourself permission to make mistakes.  Be gentle on yourself Visualize your body as being healthy emotionally and physically Believe you have the power to create your own destiny and health.  Change your way of thinking, what you perceive to be true is your reality.  Create wonder.......Don’t limit your reality with fear and stress.  You deserve to be happy and prosperous. Reconnect with your god source  I ask my clients to:Believe you have the power to change your own life and visualize the change.  Embrace the changes even if they don’t feel comfortable at first Have emotional block release sessions when needed and be prepared for wonder.


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