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                                                      REIKI 1, 2, and Master CERTIFICATION COURSE

Reiki 1 Certification

Honor Dr. Mikoa Usui’s person story and learn the Usui hand positions for chair and massage table healing.  You will receive a higher understanding of your journey on this life plane and two attunements: Certification

and Manual.

You will also learn:

How to give Reiki Treatments to yourself and others

How to administer group Reiki healings

How to scan for and remove emotional blockages

Have a better understanding of your chakra systems

How to use Reiki on animals and plantsHow to receive parking karma

How Reiki opens your intuitive abilities to flow more freely

How to energetically clear your food and your energy 


Reiki 2 Certification

This course will take your Reiki Training to the next level, focusing on increased awareness of Reiki’s mental/emotional/distant healing capabilities.  You will learn the first 3 scared Reiki Symbols and how to use them to amplify healing intent, for protection, to clear the energy of a space and the techniques involved in transmitting Reiki through time and space.  Having your first degree in Reiki is required to take this course.  You will receive a higher understanding of your journey on this life plane and two attunements: Certificate and Manual. 


Reiki Masters Certification

Becoming a Reiki Master is not about the certification; rather it is about being the teacher/Reiki guide to your students and following Dr. Usui’s Reiki Prinicple’s.

The Reiki Principle’s are:

Just for today I will not anger.

Just for today I will not worry.Just for today I will do my work honestly.

Just for today I will be kind to all living things.

Our personal and confidential discussion will determine your intent to become a Reiki Master, I am looking forward to your call.

Prerequisites: Level 1 and 2 Reiki Certifications.  


                                                                             Meditation Workshops



Is it time to create your own reality to be the master of your own mind and learn how to control your thought patterns?  With this awareness other people’s thoughts will not affect you adversely; instead your thoughts will become a positive inspiration for those around you.

In this class you will experience:·        

Basic Meditation Techniques ·        

How to Identify Your Mental Blocks ·        

How to Dee-Stress   ·        

How to Still Your Mind ·        

How to Choose a Mantra ·        

How to Create a Place to Meditate



Explore a greater understanding of mediation creating a welcomed balance in one’s life.  Using mediation to correct emotional traumas and a stronger understanding of Kundalini mediation.


                                                                           Misc Workshops



Are you dreaming big enough? ·        

Are you ready for prosperity?

Attracting abundance is knowledge. As any other skill people have, manifesting is no different from playing the piano or flipping pancakes in the air. How good you are at it depends on how efficient you have become at performing it. Although some of us are better at certain skills that doesn't mean the rest of us with practice can't improve or even surpass the talent expressed by another. Those people who are efficient in attracting have trained their minds to focus on their desires. They have learned it so well that they often times don't even realize how they do it. Abundance comes to them naturally. They wouldn't blink an eye if someone suggested they don't deserve something - it isn't part of their reality.Grasping a better understanding of how the "Law of Attraction" works is the first step in bringing abundance into your life.

Join us to find how to:·        

Visualize what you want ·        

Believe you want it ·        

Believe you deserve it ·        

Then be prepared to receive your dream 


Chakra Balancing Workshop:

The human body contains 7 major energy centers commonly referred to as, chakras.  They are centers of force located within our body. The seven major chakras correspond to specific aspects of consciousness and have their own individual characteristics and functions.To understand the chakras and their relationship to our consciousness is to better understand ourselves.  Understanding ourselves will enable us to make our choices and decisions from a place of awareness and balance rather than be blindly influenced by falseness we do not understand.  The ancient adage still echoes…”know thyself”·        

Have fun doing a personal Chakra assessment .  

Empower yourself with chakra affirmation that will energize your energy systems ·        

Have a greater understanding of Chakra’s body placement, colour and emotional response ·        

Learn a quick and simple technique to balance and activate the 7 major chakra systems ·        

Locate the 32 chakras that reside in your Seven Layer Auric Body System

This is a fun workshop that helps you take control of your own powerful energy systems. 



Stress is what you experience when you believe you cannot cope effectively with the demands of a situation.  Through affirmations, meditation, breathing techniques and visualization you will leave the class feeling more relaxed and ready to cope with the new tools you have acquired to face each day with a new positive outlook